PIONIER-Q project officially in EuroQCI -

European Quantum Communication Infrastructure

About project

In this project skeletal connections QCI will be created between KDM and NASK centers in Poland and will be implemented possible scenarios for use of this technology. In addition, we will continue program of training and workshops, which will promote and develop quantum communication, in order to move on to the development of QCI technology in subsequent stages.

PIONIER-Q project will be implemented on PIONIER network infrastructure. This will enable users and institutions to test and validate quantum communication technologies. Particular emphasis will be placed on quantum cryptography, which is one of the most important areas of using quantum technologies.

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, being a member of PIONIER consortium, was selected by the Ministry of Education and Science and Chancellery of the Prime Minister as an authorized entity to prepare and submit an application as a representative of Poland. This award shows that PIONIER consortium is a national leader in quantum communication. PIONIER-Q project is coordinated by Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

International cooperation

EuroQCI (European Quantum Communication Infrastructure) infrastructure started to be built in 2019 and its network provides a secure base for quantum communication that will be available in all European Union countries. Initiative has been divided into phases and is coordinated with European programs for development of quantum technologies. At the beginning, we planned to build national QCI infrastructures, and then connect them with international terrestrial or satellite links.

PIONIER consortium won the EU competition and through the PIONIER-Q project became official representative of Poland in EuroQCI - European Quantum Communication Infrastructure initiative. Implementation of PIONIER-Q is an important step in development of PIONIER network and an opportunity to undertake many initiatives in field of quantum technologies on European Union level.

PSNC submitted an official project for Poland in competition for construction of national QCI infrastructure. After a positive assessment by European Commission, it was officially confirmed that in coming years work on project will be carried out by a representative of PIONIER consortium.

Planned topology of PIONIER-Q infrastructure


zdjęcie przedstawiające Artura Binczewskiego

Artur Binczewski

Head of the Network Technologies Division


zdjęcie przedstawiające Piotra Rydlichowskiego

Piotr Rydlichowski

Quantum Technologies Coordinator at PSNC